Arctic A28cab
The A28 CAB is the cabin version of the 28 ft patrol boat. It is powered by 2x 200hp four stroke outboards. Inside, there are 4 jockey seats or helm seats and in the front part, there is plenty of room for storing equipment and also a spineboard.
Arctic 28
The A28 is built on a multi-purpose hull that can be customized to everything from a luxury tender, to a patrol boat, or to a SAR fast boat
Arctic A28responder
This boat can be used as a military patrol boat or for adventure tours in harsh conditions. Safety of the crew is our main concern so the boat is unsinkable and extremely seaworthy.
Arctic 23
Developed from the Panther 22 model, the Arctic 23 has an extended hull for greater carrying capacity. This enables bigger crew and equipment for greater performance in operating oil spill recovery.
Arctic 17
The A17 is a small but extremely seaworthy rescue boat that can be used as a self-contained search and rescue vessel, or as a supporting unit for bigger SAR boats and ships. It can take 5 people.
Arctic 45
The A45 was built on order as an assisting oil spill recovery boat but can be used to a variety of purposes as a quick deployment vehicle to assist in sea rescue, oil recovery or a daughter boat on bigger vessels.
Arctic 4
The A4 Light HDPE Boat for SAR and oil spill recovery. This is a new Arctic Boats model specially developed for the Finnish Fire Rescue Brigades. The 4-meter boat is so light, it can be carried around by 4 people.
Arctic Emergency Response Container
20 feet containers either placed on harbour piers or used as mobile units. They contain a boat plus the equipment suitable for each situation.
Arctic Mini Jetboat
Expand the possibilities of a PWC enormously with a dockable U-shaped boat hull that carries 5 people. The stability of the Jet Boat is incredibly good.