Developed from the Panther 22 model, the Arctic 23 has an extended hull for greater carrying capacity.

This enables bigger crew and equipment for greater performance in operating oil spill recovery.


The material used in our boats is HMWPE, High Molecular Weight Polyethylene, which is a durable polymer. The abrasion resistance of this material is superior and is suited for rough use and also for oil spill recovery. The seakeeping characteristics of our boats resemble the characteristics of the RIB boat.

The boat interior is spacious thanks to D-shaped fender. Unlike the RIB boat, the pontoons of the RBB (Rigid Buoyancy Boat) boat never loosen up for flatten, making the boat safe and resilient. The RBB boat has a very low life-cycle cost compared to other boat types due to the reduced need for repair and overhaul.


  • Overall length (excl. engine): 7 m (23 ft)
  • Beam 2,50 m (8ft 4in)
  • Draft to props 0,64 m (2ft 1 in)
  • Weight (excl. engines) 900 kg (1785 lbs)
  • Passengers 8 persons
  • Fuel capacity 205 L
  • Construction HMWPE
  • Classification C – Coastal
  • Max speed range 35-40 Kt
  • Outboard engines 180-250
  • Hull design Clean 23 degree V “Sharp entry hull”

Specifications may be changed without prior notice.



  • Scotseat adjustable height joeckey seat
  • Active radar reflector
  • Searchlight, work lights, head light
  • Arctic rescue cradle
  • Simrad 12'' Plotter
  • Zipwake trim system