A new boat series for professionals

Our Rigid Boyancy Boats represent a new kind of thinking in professional boats. Serving as an alternative for RHIB and aluminium boats. We have strived to make our boats virtually indestructible, fast, seaworthy and highly customized to our clients’ needs.

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Our HMW boats represent a new sort of thinking in professional boats. Serving as an alternative for RHIB and aluminium boats – the HMWPE boat has an economic lifetime up to 20 years. This is made possible due to our polymer material which provides for better durability of the hull compared to GRP or aluminium. The polyethene polymer pontoons are more durable than inflatable rubber tubes and can be filled with flotation material for superior safety. The HMWPE D-fenders never need to be refilled or pumped with air.

In comparison to aluminium, the resistance of HMWPE to chemical substances is higher. The material offers great durability in many other areas – for instance running the boat ashore. Our HMWPE boats are welded from water cut sheets with double seaming, making the hull extremely strong. The material is 100% recyclable and there are no harmful gas emissions during the welding process.

NEWS - 29.5.2020

The third A28Cab SAR boat has been delivered to the client, DGzRS of Germany.

The boat has HMWPE hull. polyurethane coated foam fender, automatic Righting bag and a GRP cabin with forward storage room.

CE-B offshore, carries 18 people. Speed 40 knots, deep-V hull shape.

Kolmas A28Cab SAR vene luovutettu Saksan meripelastukselle.

SAR version 2 14
IMG E9634

NEWS - 14.5.2020

Arctic Jet Boat on uusi konsepti joka laajentaa käyttömahdollisuuksia valtavasti.

Kytke jetti venerunkoon ja lähde ajamaan. Mukaan mahtuu 6 matkustajaa. Yhdistelmä on vakaa ja merikelpoinen. Laite protovaiheessa ja syksyllä aloitamme sarjavalmistuksen. Hinnaltaan yhdistelmä tulee kilpailemaan pienten perämoottoriveneiden sarjassa. Kuitenkin tässä on vene, jossa on 180-220 hevosvoimaa.

New Arctic Jet Boat - concept that expands the use of your PWC enormously. Dock your craft in the boat hull and start driving. It is fast, stable and safe. Takes 6 passengers instead of one that you can have on the jet. The price of the combination is going to be competing in the class of small outboard engine boats. But then you have 180-220 horsepower.

Jetboat Manuaali 2

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NEWS - 11.5.2020

Tämä A23 Meripelastus/öljyntorjuntavene lähtee asiakkaalleen, Oulun Pelastuslaitokselle tässä kuussa.

This A23 SAR/Oil spill recovery boat will be sent to the city of Oulu this month. The third rescue boat delivered to Oulu fire dept.

HEN 5430low

News - 24 August 2019

Our second A28 SAR Cabin boat was launched this week in Bremen.
Our crew traveled to Bremen and fitted the boat with a new PE-foam/Polyurethane fender system that came with a late delivery directly from Fender Innovations in Holland. After this, DGzRS made a sea trial which turned out to satisfaction. Top speed 40 knots.